The Ski and Snow Craft Course is a technical course designed for the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) Uttarakhand Police. The Search & Rescue teams are often deployed on short notice. The major issues faced by the S&R teams at high altitude are lack of proper acclimatization and maintaining performance in extremely cold hypoxic environment which also impacts the cognitive abilities.

Mountain S&R is a high risk job and involves team work. The course involves intense exposure and practice of various rescue techniques in high altitude snow bound areas. Nanda Devi Institute has been organizing this special course for the State Disaster Response Force of Uttarakhand.


Category: General
Duration: 20 days
Course Strength: 18 participants
Instructor-Trainee ratio: 1:4
Course Venue: Auli

Training Curriculum

Indoor Training

  • Introduction of Team Members and Training Staff
  • Mountain Manners: Dos and don’ts
  • Kinds of Snow
  • Avalanche description
  • Slope Description
  • Ski Parts Description
  • Preparation for  Rescue in Snow
  • First Aid Exercise
  • High altitude diseases and precautions
  • Daily discussion and feedback, case study sharing and educational films

Outdoor Training

  • Ski practice
  • Height gain in snow conditions.
  • Causality Evacuation Exercise in high snow conditions with the help of Ski.
  • Survival in Snow. Night outs/ camping on snow.
  • Igloo making exercise.
  • Scenario based S&R exercises/casualty evacuation.
  • How to negotiate in avalanche prone areas and conduct S&R exercise.
  • Outdoor team management and skill development exercise.
  • Anchoring and belaying in high altitude snow conditions above tree line.


  1. To provide basic training in skiing
  2. To orient the participants in ski based S&R
  3. Snow craft including anchoring and belaying in high altitude areas.
  4. Enhancing work performance in extremely cold high altitude regions.
  5. Life saving techniques and casualty evacuation in high altitude snowbound areas.
Search & Rescue Course-NDI
Search & Rescue Course-NDI
Search & Rescue Course-NDI
Search & Rescue Course-NDI
Search & Rescue Course-NDI