The Basic Mountaineering Course is the foundation course aimed at systematically teaching the art and craft of mountaineering. The course involves extensive trekking opportunities but it is not a trekking package per se. Here the focus is to teach the intricacies of mountaineering through lectures, demonstrations and practice in high altitude locations. The deliverables or takeaways from the BMC are entirely different from the various recreational trekking packages available online. Without compromising with the outdoor fun element, the emphasis here is on transforming the participants into responsible explorers. The BMC is an excellent outdoor learning opportunity for the youth in India.

The entire course is conducted under the direct supervision of ex instructors from the Indian Army’s High Altitude Warfare School (HAWS) at Gulmurg, ITBP’s Institute of Mountaineering and Skiing at Auli and seasoned mountaineers and guest instructors at the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. The 13 days course is a unique opportunity to learn and spend time with some of the famous mountaineers from India including Everesters. Check instructors profiles Nanda Devi Institute of Adventure Sports and Outdoor Education is the first private institute duly certified by the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering.

Course Objectives

Basic Mountaineering Course-NDI

  • To introduce the participants to the Himalayas from holistic perspective, its formation, geography, history, livelihood patterns, diversity, flora & fauna, ecological contribution and destination value.
  • To systematically impart training in the area of basic mountaineering skills with focus on life saving and survival skills.
  • To inculcate leadership qualities and expedition behavior by actively involving participants in the outdoor management.
  • To provide experiential and formal learning opportunities during treks in the high altitude Himalayan meadows.
  • Systematic exposure to high altitude Himalayan environment for acclimatization and increasing resistance to cold, hunger and fatigue.
  • Inculcate conservation and sustainable lifestyle ethics.

Course Location

  1. NDI Base Camp at Kuflon: 11 Km upstream from Uttarkashi in Assi Ganga Valley. Alt. 4900 Ft. Accessible by motorable road.
  2. Golinda/Jangara locations in Assi Ganga: 2 Kms from NDI Base Camp at Kuflon. Alt. 4700-5000 ft.
  3. Shiladuni: 6 Kms from NDI Base Camp at Kuflon. Accessible by trek. Alt. 6400 ft.
  4. Kohri: 10 Kms from NDI Base Camp at Kuflon and 4 Kms from Shiladuni. Accessible by trek. Alt. 7800 ft.
  5. Chai Thatter: 16 Kms from NDI Base Camp at Kuflon and 6 Kms from Kohri. Accessible by trek. Alt. 9500 ft.
  6. Mudga Top: 20 Kms from NDI Base Camp at Kuflon and 4 Kms from Chai Thatter. Accessible by trek. Alt. 11400 ft.
  7. Tekhla: With due permission from NIM and based on availability. As an alternate training location. 3.5 Km from NDI Base Camp at Kuflon. Alt. 4200 ft.


Category: General
Age: 18years+
Duration: 13 days
Course Strength: 16-32 participants
Instructor-Trainee ratio: 1:8
Stay Arrangements: In Arctic Tents


Rs.18,900/- per person

Please read and download the Indemnity Form and Admission Form before booking the course. A hard copy of the forms has to be submitted while joining the course.

Available Dates

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How to Reach

The basic mountaineering course will be conducted at Kuflon near Uttarkashi. The nearest railway station and airport is at Dehradun. From Dehradun buses and shared Sumo jeeps are available till Uttarkashi.  Participants can make their own travel arrangements till Uttarkashi reporting center from where transport arrangements will be made for the NDI Campus in Assi Ganga Valley. Special pick up arrangements can also be made from Dehradun on payment of actual fare. Do write to us in case of any assistance.

Basic Mountaineering Course-NDI
Basic Mountaineering Course-NDI
Basic Mountaineering Course-NDI
Basic Mountaineering Course-NDI
Basic Mountaineering Course-NDI
Basic Mountaineering Course-NDI