After a visit to the Nanda Devi National Park in 1978, Francisco Po Egea visited the area again. This time to spend his 75th birthday in a cave in the sanctuary of Nanda Devi, the most beloved goddess of the Uttarakhand Himalaya! His trip was organized by our parent company Mountain Shepherds Initiative. Go through his brilliant travelogue here.

Since NDI first began offering Basic Mountaineering Courses (BMC), we have received and continue to receive,enquiries from people in the 35 plus age group, many even fifty plus, people who are keenly interested in doing the BMC. This reminded us of the inspirational journey of Francisco. And thus inspired we set about planning!

Many of us missed the opportunity to do that mountaineering course we always wanted to; it remains an unfulfilled wish, a missed opportunity. It rankles as there are no opportunities for a certified course in India once you’re past a certain age. NDI intends to fill this space and provide that second chance. Based on feedback from members and general enquiries over the recent months, we have put together the framework for a Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC) for participants over the age of 35.

We invite participants to be part of a unique exercise, the Second Wind Pilot Course, wherein we will jointly design this Second Wind course. So, pull out your trusty boots, shake the dust off of your old, faithful gear and get climbing! The mountains are calling and you must come!

Course Objectives

  • There will be no compromise on the course curriculum.
  • The pilot course is a participatory exercise in the development of a BMC for older participants, the discussion during the course and feedback will enable NDI to standardize the BMC without compromising its course content and objectives.
  • Men and women of 35 years and older, who still nurture the dream of doing a rigorous BMC are encouraged to apply..
  • The rope strength for the course has been reduced to 6, meaning there will be one senior instructor for a group of 6 participants.
  • A concession we will provide is the option to offload baggage during treks. This will allow the participants to focus their energies on acquiring skills. The offloading option will be charged extra. Apart from the general terms and the conditions, the specific T&C for this course are:
  1. Willingness to participate in designing the course for senior participants
  2. A strong desire to learn the skills and the willingness to learn from younger instructors
  3. A thorough pre-training medical check-up and a certificate of physical fitness from a registered medical practitioner certifying the participant as physically fit to undergo such training
  4. Willingness to participate as a guest resource person for 1-2 days, for the future BMC programs.
  5. Willingness to share experiences and advice future participants on the social media platforms of the Nanda Devi Institute
  6. Desire to participate in the advance course and willingness to join a trek/expedition above 5500-6000 meters.

Course Location

  1. NDI Base Camp at Kuflon: 11 Km upstream from Uttarkashi in Assi Ganga Valley. Alt. 4900 Ft. Accessible by motorable road.
  2. Golinda/Jangara locations in Assi Ganga: 2 Kms from NDI Base Camp at Kuflon. Alt. 4700-5000 ft.
  3. Shiladuni: 6 Kms from NDI Base Camp at Kuflon. Accessible by trek. Alt. 6400 ft.
  4. Kohri: 10 Kms from NDI Base Camp at Kuflon and 4 Kms from Shiladuni. Accessible by trek. Alt. 7800 ft.
  5. Chai Thatter: 16 Kms from NDI Base Camp at Kuflon and 6 Kms from Kohri. Accessible by trek. Alt. 9500 ft.
  6. Mudga Top: 20 Kms from NDI Base Camp at Kuflon and 4 Kms from Chai Thatter. Accessible by trek. Alt. 11400 ft.
  7. Tekhla: With due permission from NIM and based on availability. As an alternate training location. 3.5 Km from NDI Base Camp at Kuflon. Alt. 4200 ft.


Category: General
Age: 35 years+
Duration: 13 days
Course Strength: 12-18 participants
Instructor-Trainee ratio: 1:6
Stay Arrangements: In Arctic Tents


Rs.18,900/- per person

Please read and download the Indemnity Form and Admission Form before booking the course. A hard copy of the forms has to be submitted while joining the course.

Available Dates

Click on the batch to Register.

How to Reach

The basic mountaineering course will be conducted at Kuflon near Uttarkashi. The nearest railway station and airport is at Dehradun. From Dehradun buses and shared Sumo jeeps are available till Uttarkashi.  Participants can make their own travel arrangements till Uttarkashi reporting center from where transport arrangements will be made for the NDI Campus in Assi Ganga Valley. Special pick up arrangements can also be made from Dehradun on payment of actual fare. Do write to us in case of any assistance.