Nanda Devi Institute of Mountaineering and Adventure Sports

"The mountains are calling and I must go." ~ John Muir

Our Courses

Basic Mountaineering Course

The Basic Mountaineering Course is the foundation course aimed at systematically teaching the art and craft of mountaineering. The focus is to teach the basics of mountaineering through lectures, demonstrations and practice in high altitude locations without compromising with the outdoor fun element.

The entire course is conducted under the direct supervision of ex instructors from the Indian Army’s High Altitude Warfare School (HAWS) at Gulmurg, ITBP’s Institute of Mountaineering and Skiing at Auli and seasoned mountaineers and guest instructors at the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. NDI is also offering an exclusive training course 'Second Wind - BMC' for individuals above the age of 35.

Bird Watching Course

NDI is offering a unique course in bird watching at its Satyanarayan Shepherd’s Lodge (Rajaji National Park) Rajaji Tiger Reserve is rich in birdlife and the dense forests surrounding the campuses are ideal for birding.

The course aims at orienting the youth towards ornithology by systematically introducing the art of observing birds in their natural habitat. The objective is to popularize bird watching as a hobby, understand the contribution of birds in sustaining bio diversity and create awareness on the urgent need for conserving the natural habitat of birds. Birds checklist of various locations is available on the course page.

Ski & Snow Craft Course

The Ski and Snow Craft Course is a technical course designed for the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) Uttarakhand Police. The Search & Rescue teams are often deployed on short notice. The major issues faced by the S&R teams at high altitude are lack of proper acclimatization and maintaining performance in extremely cold hypoxic environment which also impacts the cognitive abilities.

Mountain S&R is a high risk job and involves team work. The course involves intense exposure and practice of various rescue techniques in high altitude snow bound areas. Nanda Devi Institute has been organizing this special course for the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) of Uttarakhand. Nanda Devi Institute has the honor of organizing the First Rope Rescue Course for the SDRF, Uttar Pradesh.

Community Based Disaster Response Course

The CBDRM course is  organized in collaboration with development agencies. The course involves intense physical activity and introduces the participants to rock and rope craft along with mountain search & rescue. The indoor sessions orient the participants in disaster vulnerability assessment, mitigation and management.

The objective of the course is to evolve village based disaster response units (DRU) capable of performing during disaster and post disaster cycles. The course is conducted under the approved standard operating procedure by the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. NDI has conducted CBDM courses for the rural communities of Uttarakhand in active collaboration and sponsorship by the Reliance Foundation and Society of Pollution and Environmental Conservation Scientists (SPECS).

Special Courses

NDI special courses

Apart from the routine courses, NDI also offers special need based courses for various institutes and organizations.

  1. Special adventure orientation program for students from the Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior from 04-11 October 2018. Course venue Kuflon, Uttarkashi with destination as Darwa Top.
  2. 'Nature Guide Course for unemployed village youth from the upper Bhagirathi valley in District Uttarkashi' between 12-17 October, 2018.  Sponsored by the Reliance Foundation.
  3. Special course on ‘Understanding village livelihoods in the higher Himalayan region’ for students from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai at Kuflon with village Dasna and Agoda as study area from 21-28 October, 2018.
  4. ‘Ija, An exploratory trek to Dodital-Darwa Top for mothers and kids’  between 20-26 October, 2018.

Announcing Birding Festival

NDI Birding Festival

With the onset of fall season, the birds from the higher reaches will start migrating to the lower valleys. Under its ‘Community Owned Tourism Initiative’ approach, NDI is planning a Birding Destination Promotion campaign for the Assi Ganga valley in Uttarkashi.

The program envisages organizing training in bird watching for the youth from the villages of  Nald, Uttron, Agoda, Dhasna  and Kuflon. Simultaneously, the resort and camp owners are working together to create exclusive packages for the bird watchers. The tentative dates for the birding festival will be in the second-third week of November, 2018. Based on the experiences of the festival, weekend programs will be designed for the coming winter season.